Message of Animals Liberation

The Church released in September 2013, to be held on September 14 (Lunar August 10) Saturday AM11: 00, in Xinfeng Township "potou fishing" organized release activities. Welcome to the Fangshan Xin Dade join the festivities, with the planting Fukuda, boundless. In line with the Council of Agriculture of the Church regulations, and restoration of marine resources with the government to work to change since November fry released by the government-approved fish farm to provide fry.

Please worshipers Dade on the event day staff in accordance with the instructions of the Church arranged in groups, to relay the way fry flow to the sea. Sea wind, Please wear warm clothing to avoid cold. Any inconvenience vexed. Released with the parish car, can carry the worshipers would like to join Dade, AM10: 00 ~ 10:20 on the train, AM10: 20 time departure, Late comers will not. I want to drive themselves, please refer to the church announcement released maps.