Spirit Seminary


In the spirit world, a towering towering spiritual home, named "Avenue, spiritual home". The spiritual promise on instructions from King's senior

Yee aims, established by the road in ancestral spirits on too, its purpose is a broad crossing all sentient beings. Like Amitabha mentor "Western world of ultimate bliss

", As well as the Bhaisajya-guru Buddha master of" Oriental NET world "a goddess such as pure land Buddha-like.


Spiritual centre through the static of cultivating one's moral character of teaching, religion, Zen mind education, general education of monks in hospital; and in person, Professor of faculty are

Sermon of high in the three territories, on no real institutions of higher learning. Therefore, insight, Ming Wu Quan Zhen road, spiritual home is located

Li is a God, compassionate, skillful set up for all sentient beings by, can feel the immortal Buddha non great compassion! Looking forward to a few wrong worshippers

Germany, can grasp this very rare and amazing method, crossing the crossing of their loved ones but also to themselves.


Spiritual home is surrounded by righteousness to gang unit to cover nursing, Ray of light, reflecting the three realms. Before admission, and Garan Buddha statue days and

Custodian of the bodhisattva skanda Buddha day, spiritual An 鎭 forever in the spirit world, free from any interference. Since its inception in spiritual homes now

Has reached thousands of bits, spiritual home of the architectural scale also increases with the number of monks, this is the compassion of Buddha bodhisattva wish, it is


: (Provide clearance of spiritual brothers qualification)

Suitable for the following four, good schools and fill in the "transcendental level application for their ancestors", went to the Church or letter may, the Church referred the contemporary

Method and master Sage-King master recommend admission of the spirits down.

Where the good souls in the nether world gather good potential.

Second, the spirits who do good when rendering meritorious service, but fruit is not enough to those of gods in the nether world is good soul after death.

Third, the spirits both good and less merit in itself, while the nether world of the Palace suffered.

Four, causes and grievances the less, after mediation, into the road of spiritual potential.


First, their ancestors and their relatives and friends:

Yang, who in the world, ancestors, parents, relatives, and so ever gave birth, to filial piety, and by virtue of the power of good merit, recommended

In quanzhen Avenue spiritual spirituality, can make its future road permit fruit, enjoy eternal bliss; this is a kindness in return, one child of filial piety in the extreme

To practice.

Second, for many generations to air their grievances creditors:

For past injury grievances the creditors because of ignorance, should also provide clearance into the Avenue of spiritual spirituality, so that it no longer claims;

Is also important to continue according to merit, under concurrent sincere repentant heart, have pledged themselves to this life and the next does not make such

Wrong. To air their grievances for which creditors receive the merit and sincere repentance of heart after reading will also forgive, as mortal sin against not

Sincere repentance, genuine regret can certainly eliminate the crime industry, inter alia. Tomorrow, to air their grievances after creditors in spiritual road permit fruit, but also be grateful

Help it off again, enjoy eternal bliss; and even thanked Yang Shijian benefactor of Thanksgiving before it starts. Therefore, provide clearance to air their grievances creditors

Into the spiritual spirituality can be described as: Grace feuds to eliminating any carry-over of health and good fortune. Feuds both solutions of negative karma, and forged a good best


Third, shut out of their children (baby soul):

Alien child reborn into the mother's body, come in our family, past life and parents deep fate

, As parents because of various factors such as environment, family could not meet them coming to accompany their growth, and they also do not know how to work

Back to, reincarnation, believe it was reduced to nine by their secluded underworld, just as street children like, sometimes not even cover clothing

, Can only hide in the darkest corner, suffered from hunger and cold, loves the anger to live, so how can they not hate Yang's parents in the world,

Yang's parents in the world please? Parents love childcare is nature, so if able to provide clearance we missed children admitted to spiritual

, In addition to live up to obligations of the parents take care of their children, but also education, saving their best-crossing method. Shut out of our children

Referred to the God will take care, in spiritual growth, education, learning practice the Supreme truth of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, its spiritual

To enlightened, intelligent growth, can also attain the truth permits fruit one day. If a century later we can meet them in heaven in the Holy Land,

Copolymer, so wouldn't it be a bliss did good? Look a few wrong worshippers Dade Shen SI after reading this article.

Four, their own:

Yang, the world of children, inter alia in the world outside the essence of learning more or less inevitable omissions Ylen customary law or Confucianism, Buddhism,

Tao taught righteousness, even Karma failed to do in addition to turn was born in transmigration, was unfortunate. If just for your own success

"Voluntary admissions after spiritual", you can get too after my body in an empty road progenitor and law on asylum of Sage-King master, was a pure land

Focus on their. Assessment in the future after the sermon, to also cause karma, then beyond down from six, waiting for customs clearance pending

And according to their own wishes to die after the day, and practice diligently for the spiritual perfected it. At this point, spirit child forever, but I also

, Always.

Speaking after:

Looking forward to sun worshippers of great virtue in the world can make this unique method, apart from the crossing and by chance outside the family feuds, Buddhism solutions; more hope

Understanding what God wishes to correctional, cross saved my vast Ende of all living things, such as, it can be described as being reckless is extremely difficult!

Second Avenue, spiritual home of the man, French shengjunen discovery left:

Ask: quanzhen Avenue takes spiritual homes, people nine years before, to air their grievances under (wronged creditors) for ten years, infant spirit for 15 years,

What the difference between the length of the opposite sex?

Teacher: this degree to their grievances, to conform to the practice.

Question II: quanzhen Avenue spirit brothers, on expiry of the sermon going why? (For example: Taoist or Buddhist 36 days three realms and 28


Mentor: card of the day, each day can be further refined.

Ask: what the spiritual teacher of quanzhen Avenue, teach lessons and what?

Teacher: monks during the latent period, heaven from Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism teaches the Buddha, often went there, Professor, its subject very much, is a comprehensive education,

Both these cults undertake irrational or Buddhist or Taoist, but dominated by Zen retreats. This was perfected by priests are spiritual best, by terminating the stay permit road

After the examination, may no longer be reborn in six road transmigration, free.

Asked four: Yang provide clearance of human ancestors, to air their grievances in the world owed to those of all true spiritual Avenue homes, Yang provide clearance of people how in the world do

Can be even more beneficial to yin and Yang, good deep knot.

Teacher: in the capacity built within the context of good governance to enhance their fruit, in order to facilitate future permit the highest fruit.

Ask five: sermon review of those brothers, if not through, rebuilt make-up opportunity?

Teacher: if when the examination is not passed, submarine repair hospital, children can make good power back to, plus too on the road, it helps you, smooth

Sermon fruit.

Asked six: suicide and the dead, feel ashamed in front of the world, parent, national, teacher at Entebbe, is great and serious crimes, if their laws will be subject to criminal


Teacher: prison were caught to be wronged and driven to death city, escort to the suicide committed suicide two times a day (morning and evening), to the Commissioner of his impiety

Crime and prison were caught to have people enjoy good health, merits and demerits in accordance with past convictions, reincarnated as a sick person.

Question seven: this suicide and whether the dying person is also spiritual spiritual, transcendental level to quanzhen Avenue and into the syndrome of fruit of opportunity? If possible, this

At point and offset in their touch?

Teacher: transcendental level, God will establish spiritual aims to speed up the world of heaven, the Church Road progenitor of the Tai Chi on my and too big

Sad, Miss Chee, with great mercy heart of pardoned sinners of a surname of ignorance, it was incompatible with the Ming Fei, is relying on too road, TSO and Tong

French President shengjunen the home of compassion and opportunity for committed huitian ears.

Ask Pat: If the transcendental level relative or avenge the creditors admitted to spirituality, removal of samsara, and their own causality or Karma still outstanding, that the point is

Any unfair to avenge their own creditors, how God is audited on this matter? Appeal to my explanation.

Teacher: no, entering the spiritual potential of quanzhen Avenue, spirits are too road progenitor and Hondo on French President shengjunen main charity

Take his title, coming into the zhengguo sermon huitian, other causes and when they, and expedient method.

Ask: where to born relatives provide clearance to all spiritual spirituality really Avenue, and relatives in the world should be for the dead feast or tomb

Church worship?

Teacher: Yes, this is a basic courtesy, as long as the hold piety and limited fresh fruit Festival of flowers, to comfort their emotion.

Ask ten: whether the person when they apply for yourself after you pass away into spiritual spirituality really Avenue? Unconditional or its

It limits?

Teacher: you can, but the inverse five crimes committed not to seek prior approval.

Inverse five felony: (arranged by the severity of crimes one after another)

First, kill the parent.

Second, killing the mother.

Third, killing an arhat.

Four, does the body blood.

Five, broken and monks.