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JI Gong Buddha drop

October 16, 2004

Year of the Shen Nian in early September 3rd

Jifo said: mother promise on instructions from King's senior Imperial Decree:

, Fanle support given the book's journey to the underworld by the Indian NG senbon permitted elimination of all industry has reported nothing.

Second, who has a disease, bestow help printing the book, the Visual size of its merit, granted given its early introduction of the disease.

Three, where there are places in the world to air their grievances in less, should also help printing this book, mother mother allowed to defuse it.

Four wanting a marriage, there are young men and women who should be sending heart help printing this book, mother mother of Royal Decree joking cockle to fully facilitate a life.

Five, where those wanting careers developed, should also help printing this book, admission to career success.

Craving fame smooth six, where scholars, should also help printing the Holy Book, that they may have nominated Yanta's hope.

Seven, fanxiuzi and desire for merit accumulation tired German, they should be printed the book, mother mother approval to add road fruit, card back the way at an early date.

Eight, where there is a wish for any of the persons, should also be GF heart print, ask's hope, according to the merits of size, the discretion to the granting of the induction.

Nine, where ancestors for the sake of Ming fu, should help printing this book, de Le can be super deceased.

Ten, to everyone who asks the children of leaders of wise, inheritance or wanting a son to attract many visitors who vow to help printing this book, ask's hope came true.

Above is the project of mother and granted them by the mother and the rest not here ten for alternative documents, by the related departments to induction of the God.

Excerpt from the Pluto's journey to the 20th
  Causal travels  

Living Buddha JI Gong drop

On December 10, 2005

The rooster, November 10

Jifo said: we hand you promise mother Huang Tian Zun yushi, helped India to the cause of his travels of reward respectful reading of the Ordinance are as follows:

First, where a book is printed the causal travels of up to 10,000, causes of admission to eliminate all of it with all their claims, making it immune to air their grievances under their claims

Specializes in spiritual practice.

Second, where the printing of the causal travels of books of Wu Qian, complaining of their eliminating three knots available generation grandchildren of intelligent, serenity, leaders reported.

Third, where a case of Fame to be, bad career, wish success and smooth, in Government, proud can help printing this book, for wider he reasoned, will be able to get it.

Four, where prolonged diseases, is heavily plagued by mental illness or cause disease, devotees, printing the book, according to the printed size of merit, mother mother granted elimination

Its spirit and the cause and effect of karma, to pray for restoration of normal mental and physical health.

Five, where merchants consider wealth, gold, better help printing this book, Royal order of mother mother Wu Lu the God, where a heart print of the cause and travels

B books, quasi-blessed adds fiscal deficit so that their good fortune, the Giro huntoon.

Six, where sentient beings have filial piety to parents seeking longevity, vowed help printing this book, mother mother granted extension, Tim Fuk, to meet children's filial piety filial piety, from the adoptive parent

Mother time to extend, to filial piety Chim.

Seven, where a project is sparse and desire a wish or a dream come true, vowed help printing this book, mother mother allowed to come true, like.

More than seven is the provision of mother mother gift reward all sentient beings seek matters if there's any other, "project is soothing" marked on the soothing, mother's mother had Royal

Southern sky deacon of various House officials, where he asks for help, is just right for to answer, in the Ende of Zhao-Liang, this shows.

Extract from the travels of dinianwu of cause

  Universal travels  
JI Gong Buddha drop

December 23, 2006

Age of photograph early November 4th

Jifo said: LVD Wong senior award given for India holy books of the world travel awards regulations, hereby proclaims the following:

A, all that were able to attend scripture support India's journey to the world of the book b NG senbon, eliminating all karma.

Second, all that were able to help print this romantic, permit lower fruit of the gods; and children blessed generation, career, success and smooth sailing.

Three, where can the gift more than 100,000 copies, gods, fruit bits in the permit; and the blessing of the second generation wealth and well-being.

Four or more, where it can be printed million-grant this, pass the upper bound fruit of the gods and Mira bless three generations of children, to gonghou phase.

Five, where there are places in the world to air their grievances with their reported or AVRDC, enjoy increased blessedness and printing this book, admission to eliminate karma, and gives a healthy body.

Six, all seeking life insurance for parents should help printing the book, when the blessed beauty of life extension.

Seven, to everyone who asks of Fame-seekers, should also help printing this book, can enjoy a benefit of Kui Xing, teacher, great success.

Eight, to everyone who asks huntoon, who can attend scripture helped India, mother mother granted huntoon, plentiful.

Nine, where all other demands, mother mother, a margin in accordance with his big round for sincere to the granting, to thank all beings help kind of road.

Extracted from dinianjiu of the world travels back to
  West travels  

Yuen in the ninth heaven female female immortal mentor on the stage

On July 1, 2003

The age of the RAM, June 2

Like this: my mother this special vision award of merit bestowed by the mother to receive the book as follows:

, Where India will receive the West's journey to the Buddhist book filled with senbon NG b permitted elimination of all karmic past life, so that can clean and repair, with a view to permit fruit, de-

The cycle of life and death.

II, where the scholars wanting fame, vowed help printing this book, mother mother gave clear and intelligent, with a view to the examination.

Third, where there is cause to air their grievances under-to-resolve, vow to help printing this book, mother mother will grant yin and Yang both sides reach a settlement, leaving me alone.

Four, where sickness, diseases do not heal for a long time, devotees, printing the book, physical health, and disease eradication.

Five, intending to be transcendental level ancestors, who may contemplate help printing the book, mother mother makes all Crown land, moats and House of soul purpose, as there are good men and women wishing to work

To private persons, bearing a gift of good merit, back to their ancestors from the bitter de Le, included in the spiritual home of quanzhen Avenue dive, in order to permit road out of samsara

To another.

Six, where to seek life for parents, desires a son who vow to help printing this book, life extension, up also.

Seven, where businessmen, craving good business, and plentiful, should also help printing this book, which would help to benefit from fuyun, join.

Above is the project of mother mother granted them, as have other matters may it be may be indicated on the documents, mother mother when discretion to answer also.

Excerpt from the West's journey to the Buddhist Kingdom preface

  Donations to build a temple in incentive programmes  

JI Gong Buddha drop

September 11, 2004

Year of the Shen Nian July 27

Jifo said: on instructions from the mother's home temple for law and Avenue of spiritual construction of Yee shown as follows:

Wu Bai, all that were able to support the construction funds, quasi-nine mysterious seven ancestors, after my body to return empty to include upper bound gods fruit, all karma done consumers who enjoy

Zixiao Sun Xian, the cause of tengda blessings, Temple completed, into a worship Temple of longevity, wing world of incense and worship.

, Where contributions to the second times, ancestors of the quasi-III, shade under three generations of the grandchildren, who live in quiet comfort, eliminating karma, Sun Xianxiao, Hui to

Card in the fruit of the gods.

Third, where a contribution 100,000 NG, ancestors of the Ultra II, shade under the second generation of the grandchildren, family well-being and pleasure-hui to permit lower fruit of the gods.

Four, where contributions are somewhat less than 100,000 yuan, according to the sincere and good amount of work, the discretion to the lower bounds of your fruit of the gods, ancestors of the quasi-I, the shade under a

Generation of grandchildren.

Above is the mother and mother the quanzhen Avenue Ling Yee of the convent building, as shown in the elevate Taipei Zonta, the force output to look the world, common power to achieve crossing of nine

Second the original spirit of St.

Excerpt from the Pluto's journey to the 15th