Temple committee member

Hondo by forces under their mentor President on the stage
As members of the public benefit, and
Offer a yinbozhi in every place with grace;
In the blessed fruit,
Subject to constant power sponge honours.

Like this: giving charity to the world, but often sacrificed parting reactive move, its implementation no Shi, JI is no difference, is the superior root performance. Real exponents were extended to cover law, infiltrating the sense does not represent money, with worshippers Dade shield and Swain Mu meritorious. Saying: "everyone at heart, can cut through metal. "As long as the follow on track, not only accumulated life to open their own smart can also be brought into heaven.

Hondo President law home my stage
Kuangfu Holy Word,
Shi Cai Pu Fu are here;
Accumulation life lace,
Crane is extended in the future.

Like this: purpose of the lecture will be set up, that is the Greek Cypriot side can set people's efforts to finish top of the sacraments, the so-called "bit by bit", "drop Hollows" for this reason, we people with lofty ideals, can act Avenue, you will get the immortal Buddha bless the Church. Like this: my name is first, giving poems newly acceded members, praise and encourage. On instructions from the master Sage-King Hall Law my imperial decree: Santa teaches preaching to be long long, to ordinary beings Avenue, ad hoc "Hall lecture will" invite Fang Puxian Dade has helped St. Sponsorship approach is as follows:

A 100 Yuan a month, basic members.
II, lecture members 300 yuan a month.
Third, the honorary member of 500 Yuan a month.

Where a Counsellor Member Hondo road:

First, God catalogue of fruit thinning.
Second, the
Member poems of Meng Bentang teacher gives praise and encourage and to send beautiful letters. Welcome great people of virtue of the older generations ' strong shield and Swain, merit gold can be sponsored by stages.
The man: participate in the lectures of your church members, what its meaning? Teacher: are printed monthly, of spreading good governance General, Xuanhua responsibility but also with negative days.