Events of animal release

This church monthly release of honour will be held on the second Saturday of AM11:00, in Xinfeng Township "shapotou fishing port" release activities

organized. Welcome all worshippers Dade TECO, with planting Fuk Field, is extremely virtuous.

The Church in line with the relevant provisions of the Executive Yuan's Council of agriculture, and the part of the Government's marine resource

restoration work, modified release of fish fry since November, and provided by a Government-approved fish farm Fish fry. Ask worshippers Dade

arranged the Carnival group follow the instructions of staff of Hondo, in a relay fashion fish fry release to the sea. The sea wind in wear Warm clothing to

avoid harm. If there are inconveniences, please excuse.

The Church has incorporated special release, piggyback interested worshippers of Dade,AM10:00~10:20 , getAM10:20 starting on time, overtime is not

waiting. Self drive to the, Please refer to this church bulletin released maps.