Talisman Blessing

Hondo French President shengjunen, Kamui distinguished Tzu Chi spirit of rain, also of Royal variety Fu Lingji for sentient beings:

First, asking for breaks : taking the entrance examination or public examination. Intrinsic for the entrance examination, please indicate the request or public examination

Second, the wealth-Lu breaks : seeking money to open a shop flourish or personal wealth may prosper. Filing please indicate when you are looking to set up shop or individual

Third, the God who unites persons in marriage the red line : men and women seeking marriage.

IV net breaks : cleaning up purposes.

V, married couples and up : not husband and wife, or the other half was having an affair.

Six, Green surprise break : comforting after the fright night.

Seven, tocolysis breaks : pregnancy fetus tocolysis during night.

Eight, seven gang breaks : System, solve, bidet.

Nine, travel Christmas break : road safety purposes.

Ten, carry life insurance breaks : protection protect peaceful purposes.

XI cancer Chinese charms really : chemical control of early cancer cells.

12, tiangang water break : drink taken, make it clear, are healthier.

13, zhenzhai character : zhenzhai save.

14, to spur breaks : remove bones, bones a lump in the throat.

XV, and rotten peach blossom breaks : resolving the couple was having an affair, or change of female friends, and good friendship or consolidated.

The previous three breaks and the red line is subject to filing, to church or other calls to strike, available free to all.