Scholarship for poor students

To award junior high school and elementary school lived in a poor success of the smaller Buddha, 2009 sponsored by the scholarship, their funding

You are as follows:

A score above 80, annual term (inclusive), each NT scholars Bai was five, 100 places, followed by taking the b special awards, scholarships of NT

Five million.

Second, first, and first prize in the annual all-grade school year a total, NT $ three million can apply for a scholarship.

Three persons, who meet the qualifications, please prepare the following documents apply:

1. copy of transcript.

2. poor copy.

3. copy of co-owner.

Four, non-Hsinchu City and County School District can send their scholarship, Hsinchu City and County School District, parents on 15:30~18:30 every Saturday afternoon to cover the whole Church to Lin Liling Shi Jie Tong led.