In 2013 we have Tai sui of the year God for " Xu XING monarch"  

Rush committed this year Chinese zodiac:

Xu was born in Shaanxi in the Han dynasty Tomb (now the northwest province of Shaanxi xianyang), also known as Xu Gan . Wushu since childhood, acquired strong build, and

Cultivate generosity generous, brave, courageous spirit. Learning that impudence (ad 32-102) complained bitterly when West,Xu

Active playing upon immediately, and requests to help ban Chao once calming the western regions. Because he is young, strong, extremely skillful in martial arts, evidence and

Trust, the court appointed Xu for fake Sima (style), led by prisoners and volunteer probation officers and 1000 people, followClass

General, defeated foreign soldiers, a prize they can be. Xu 's heroic, enemies be overawed by SB. 's name, the establishment of many military. ER

Hou, upgrading the Court Tsui for Sima, and impudence break down the Wusun, and stabilize the frontier tribes and small Nations in the diaspora, and

And the way to Huairou, promote friendly relations, gets along well with tribes, and construct the order, so that they do not attack each other, and has a stable Habitat

Preserve one ' s health life, from then on, over more than 50 countries of origin into the Han dynasty in the western regions of the map. Tahan spirit, impudence and Xu deserves credit.

You mention for bravery, meritorious service numerous quanzhen Nineth generation master Wang Chang months complained bitterly to rebuild the white cloud Temple, CCB e Hall, houses 60 Tai sui

, Xu was blocked for dibutyl sebacate Tai sui.

Tai sui, also known as "Tai sui star King", or "year of June" for years of the most powerful gods in sacred, Commander of hundreds of gods, "years of heaven

"Said. The axis of the God: "Tai sui, man your like, led by gods, the Commission position, turn round games series, age of Assembly work.

"Grand total of 60 Tai sui stars and every year 60 scarab, is headed by a head of Tai sui, Tai sui said of the annual rotating Presidency" years

Tai sui-star monarch ".

Rush committed this year the lunar new year, when more than one good turn deserves another, so we can turn calamities into blessings, disaster and solution of Eritrea.

Shaw snake: ancient name for the planet Jupiter. Distance changes, ease anxiety, Lawton, illness-prone consumption.

Xiaozhu: Chong Tai sui. Haul of volatility, the pressure suddenly increased, trivia.

Xiaohu, monkey: criminal Tai sui. Distance is increased, Burnout, easy to mess with is a disaster. Monkey turn every "Tai sui-breaking"

Year earthly-dark "robbed", and the other to suffer unexpected personal financial losses of the disaster-proof.

Monkey: victims of Tai sui. Work pressures and career double, villain assasinate, Fortune rise and fall all the time.

Hondo on February 24, 2013 (the first lunar month 15th) safety instructions of Tai sui ceremony was held, where a commit flush, early names

Chinese birth year, month, day, time, address, telephone number, fill in the details, by E-mail, mail or fax to the Church, in order to facilitate

An Feng.

Note: where the past spoke in this Hall on instructions from the Tai sui, are no longer required to provide personal information.

(The Church on instruction of Tai sui are free services. )