Temple Consultation (Free of charge)

Every Saturday 3:30 begin offering adequate remunerations and adequate remunerations project:

Past life causes (under 18 years of age appropriate, disclosure).

Open eye of Confucius (Hondo in person you want).

Health or family problems.

Pediatric collection by surprise.

Opening eyes and temples of Buddha.

Residential fengshui of exploration and discovery.

Baby ling, the wronged parents creditors, ancestors, family, acquaintance of the transcendental level, my body after the legislature would like to empty into the Avenue of spiritual potential.

First, in the "download area" Download true Church-wide respect.

Second, the requests for inquiries, the simplest, most concise statement of how it came to pass, not too brief: ask, ask marriage; not too lengthy.

Three, asked if any relevant person, please be basic data (name, gender, Zodiac, Lunar date of birth, address) to write clearly.

Four, the same individuals ask 5 questions only, who will be postponed to the next filing.

Five, the intrinsic order is to parents the Church waiting for worshippers as a priority, communication of filing as a minor.

Six, to speed up progress of the filing, please use this intrinsic form fill the Church, font correct, neatly, and please leave contact information.

Please send the seven, who were owed MPF contributions to the Church E-mail:k5744038@gmail.comor fax (03) (after the fax, please call to confirm), or sent by post

To this church: Hsinchu municipal food road, 6/f, of 57th.

More than adequate remunerations project is completely free of charge. To worshippers for services far Dade, tapping the Church open communications filing, please go to this website download download intrinsic form (download method

), Insert the basic personal data and respect matter, please fax it to the Church, this church when the reply as soon as possible.

Communication intrinsic: "Taiwan area" fax only.

Church location: Hsinchu food road, 57th floor

Address:6F., No.57, Shihpin Rd., East District, Hsinchu City 30062, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


FAX:+886-3-574-4981 or +886-3-575-1353