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The purpose of establishment of tuen zen temple: preach by order of God, establishment of religion from law of God, influence of people by religion.Basic doctrine: respect to God, worship of ancestor, Monasticism, execution of instruction from God, salvation to people, ease of things, rescue of world.


2013 Winter relief activities



【Latest news】
"This Hall winter relief good paragraph" both at home and abroad total for raised good paragraph, 819,700 Bai 97 round, are with Hondo donations 200,000 merged total, 1.0197 million Bai 97 round whole, hereby notice this resort will all good paragraph donation on to and the receipts, announced in full really monthly Shang to Zhao public letter Thanksgiving both at home and abroad all good letter large de on this Hall of support and love Thanksgiving again Thanksgiving has you were of support, we will more efforts carry forward shengdao, General saved beings of suffering Amitabha!
【Nuclear holocaust】
Jifo said: Yin not sadness, this is shortly after the Earth scenes, you can see black rain, was the Soviet second strong nuclear Internet radio, the Earth with everything burned down and lying in ruins, human like purgatory. After the nuclear explosion that had killed most people ...


【Standards for Students】
The Standards for Students are basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others. … For today’s society, it applies to all children, both male and female.